April 18, 2010

This may be the place I upload links to the daily video’s of me and Colorado Joe on our seasonal  Harley Davidson Bike trip from my ranch in Colorado to Monument Valley Utah and back and places and strange people unknown along the way. 

Both are bikes are nearly as old as we are built them in 1984 FXST now with a wide glide front end. My other HD is a shovelehad built in 1972.

This posting our daily adventures on the ride via video is the brainchild of the people involved in making a film of my novel DOG SOLDIERS MC (ISBN 1598004182) 

The idea is to create what they call ‘net buzz’ for the film. I must have done something good in previous life to have my assignment be exactly what I would like to do anyway and have done for 35 years now. Namely ride my classic HD through Colorado, Arizona, Utah and New Mexico, sleep under the stars where I find myself be it in the desert or mountains or where ever and live happy. 

Go to Amazon get my novel, it will take you into another world and subculture few ever even really know exists. It isn’t like they show in the movies really either but you might understand. But, if your scooter trash yourself you already do understand of course. 

This is my first use of WordPress and my first experience with a BLOG. Dam I am stepping into the 21st century now I guess huh? I put up some pictures soon so you can see just how magnificent my bike is.  So tune it here every now and then.

Peace be with all of you good people, and come here to follow the ride soon too!


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April 17, 2010

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